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Workshops Offered

Chart Your Path (1 hour) 

Exercises to help you uncover your authentic voice. 

The Art of Building Personal Boundaries (1 hour) 

Learn how to Identify, establish, and maintain boundaries. 

Physical Awareness (2 hours) 

Build the connection to self through movement. 

Using Excel for Data Analysis (2 hours) 

Learn how to organize large and small data sets in excel. 

Conducting the Literature Review (4 hours) 

Learn how to find and interpret peer reviewed articles. 

Seven Components of Wellness Retreat (7-8 hours) 

Addresses wellness from a holistic viewpoint. 

*Workshops can be modified to fit time needs. 


Dr. Franklin has facilitated workshops on time management, data preparation, and the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. She has also been invited to give keynotes on her journey as a scientist. 

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