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What to do before you feel exhausted?

 Simple Answer: Put yourself first.

I've come to realize life lessons are packed into short, concise sentences. Obviously there are some assumptions associated with this answer, so let's name them.

  1. We take no more nor no less than is needed.
  2. Taking or creating space for what is needed is not selfish.
  3. Not a moment of self sacrifice.

So let's unpack this so called "simple answer."

  1. There is no time indicator attached to this answer for a reason. Your first thought should always be what do I need in this situation.This leaves in an almost (because no one is perfect) constant state of well being. 
  2. Putting yourself first means you have taken care of your needs well enough to be of service to someone else.
  3. Putting yourself first sets the standard for how those around you will treat you. As a bonus, more people will catch on and start to treat themselves better.